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We Provide the Solutions You Need

For more than 60 years, Jered has provided technical solutions for mission-critical systems on every Surface Combatant. We are dedicated to delivering the best in quality and functionality at Jered. Design and engineering drives our work and the only option is delivering complex systems that consistently and reliably deliver for our customers.

Jered focuses on providing marine customers with specialty equipment, cargo handling systems, and deck machinery while combining its strong engineering with comprehensive heavy fabrication capabilities.

Steering Gear Systems

The operation of steering gear equipment is of critical importance to the safety and well-being of the entire ship. Hydraulic ram-type steering gear is used on the US surface combatant fleet due to its proven reliability and multi-layered, fail-safe operation needed in one of the top two systems onboard ship. This system is available in single rudder-tiller connections or as dual rudder-tiller operating systems.

Elevators and Lifts

Aircraft Elevators
Jered has provided virtually all of the aircraft elevators for the US Navy, including the CVN 71-79, LHA 1-6, LHD 1-8, and LPH 9-12.

Jered has provided more than 150 weapons handling and stowage systems for 11 Navies and 13 different ship classes. Hoist weights range from 2,177kg (4,800 lbs) to 19,504kg (43,000 lbs), including platform. Jered was the first to incorporate a shock-qualified PLC elevator control system on a Navy Standard Elevator design.


  • Aircraft Elevators – Hydraulic
  • Aircraft Elevators – Electric
  • Side Deck Aircraft
  • Cargo/Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Stores
  • Dumbwaiter
  • Vertical Package Conveyors
  • Pallet
  • Medevac


  • Noble Corp Offshore Rigs (3000# Rack & Pinion)
  • Transocean Ltd Offshore Rigs (900# Rack & Pinion)
  • ConocoPhillips Polar Tankers
  • Adventure, Discovery, Endeavor, Enterprise and Resolution
  • USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy


  • Available with rack & pinion or traction drive
  • Car capacity up to 3,628kg (8,000 lbs)
  • Available with electric or hydraulic power
  • Compliant with ASME A17.1 (2004 safety code for elevators)

Marine Cranes and Hoists

Designed for Stability and Versatility
Jered cranes and hoists are designed for maximum stability while performing a wide range of functions.


  • Bridge Crane
  • Jib Crane & Hoist
  • Aviation Maintenance Bridge Cranes
  • Ordnance Crane
  • Weapons Handling Crane
  • Sideport Stores Crane
  • Torpedo Handling System
  • Well Deck Bridge Crane
  • Portable Torpedo Handling Hoist
  • Close-In Weapons System


  • Uses a triangulated, 3-part wire rope configuration
  • Offers maximum stability when hoisted to the stowed position to ensure that the boat clears the deck opening without damage
  • Stabilizes the boat in the longitudinal and transverse directions
  • Rotational stability is accomplished using the dual-point lift versus single-point


  • Operates during ship-induced motions
  • Meets naval corrosion prevention specifications for operation in a salt air atmosphere
  • Built-in illumination for the designated work area

Deck Machinery

Jered provides state-of-the-art deck machinery for Navy ships, including the Jered electric anchor windlass. This anchor windlass is a modular design that requires only a voltage flange and brake wheel foundation deck. As the first permanent magnet motor anchor windlass selected for U.S. Navy vessels, the product reduces installation costs, weight, maintenance, and manning.


  • Anchor Windlass
  • General Capstan
  • Hawser Reels
  • In-Haul Winch
  • Mooring Capstan
  • Slewing Arm Davit
  • Warping Capstan


  • Modular drop-in unit for fast and easy installation
  • Requires only normal ventilation
  • Saves weight and space when compared with similar capacity hydraulic units
  • Lower maintenance than hydraulic windlass
  • Band brake is set and wildcat is declutched for independent capstan operations


An optional capstan head can be located above the wildcat and be operated independently via the wildcat clutch. The capstan design can handle a tow of up to 300,000 lbs while a brushless permanent magnet motor (directly coupled to a gear reducer) drives the anchor windlass. Above and below brake control stations are provided.

The unit has a PLC-driven digital chain counter system with a display at the deck control station. The control station is equipped with a variable-speed joystick and all the necessary lights and push buttons for safe operational control.

Auxiliary Systems for Cargo Handling

Jered provides a wide range of auxiliary systems for operations such as cargo handling and loading/offloading equipment and vehicles. These systems are designed to be fully functional and highly reliable under extreme conditions.


  • Hinged Ramps
  • Portable Sideport Ramps
  • Retractable Frame Assemblies
  • Stern Ramps
  • Sideport Ramps
    Stern Gates
  • Mid-Ship Electric
  • Accommodation Ladders
  • Embarkation Platforms

Mission-Critical Doors

Jered, through Marine Systems Technology (MST) Ltd, has extensive experience providing door systems and panel systems applicable to threat levels for armor-piercing rounds up to 0.5-inch caliber and greater if required. Our ballistic protection properties can be combined with watertight A60 door systems or internal Safe Haven applications. These mission-critical doors are weather-and lightproof as well as being shock-qualified. Depending on your preference, doors and closures can be electromechanically or electro-hydraulically operated.

Jered also manufactures various types of cargo doors, shell doors, fire doors, and hatches with similar features.


  • Flight deck lamp
  • Shore
  • B15 Sliding
  • Aircraft Elevator Hangar Access
  • Side Launch
  • Blast
  • Ballon Inflation Room
  • Sideport
  • A60 Watertight
  • Cargo & Pallet Truck Stowage
  • Stern
  • A60 Watertight Double
  • Flightdeck Ramp Access
  • Viewing
  • Ballistic
  • GSE Room Access
  • Sliding Watertight
  • Helo Hangar
  • Comfire® Marine Fireproof Technologies
  • B15 Door, Single Leaf Hinged

Automated Boat Launch and Recovery Systems

Jered has designed and supplied innovative boat launch and recovery systems for two of the U.S. Navy’s newest and most exciting ships: LCS Freedom class and DDG-1000. Similar systems are being considered for other new classes. All of these designs are either side or stern launch and recovery, depending upon the configuration of the ship.


  • Boat Handling Systems (boat launch and recovery)
  • Launch Recovery handling systems (boat launch and recovery)
  • TensileTruss™ Crane (boat launch and recovery)

Reliability and Safety: The Hallmark of Jered Elevators and Lifts

Jered has supplied elevators with hoist weights between 2,177 kg (4,800 lbs) and 19,504 kg (43,000 lbs) for more than half of the U.S. Navy fleet, including the LPD 17 SAN ANTONIO class.
We have also served other ship classes, including: T-AE, T-AOR, T-AKA, LPH, T-AFS, CVA, LHA, T-AS, CGN, LPD, and CVN 68-77.
Jered also provided the aircraft elevators for France's Charles de Gaulle and Spain's Principe de Asturias aircraft carriers.

COMFIRE® Marine Fireproof Technologies

Marine Fireproof Panels

Marine Systems Technology (MST) originally developed COMFIRE® for marine applications, believing that the COMFIRE® marine fireproof technology would be an ideal way to meet newly imposed (and very stringent) safety requirements for new vessels. A fireproof material, COMFIRE® is also noncarcinogenic and can be recycled.

Noncombustible Fireproof Product

By combining these complementing attributes with stability in water, good acoustic attenuation, and a weight advantage over current materials, COMFIRE® is a world-leading product that complies with the tightest safety guidelines and offers many practical advantages to Naval applications and the defense industry, along with demanding commercial marine applications.

Throughout COMFIRE® utilization and testing, it has been utilized and tested, it has become clear that Marine Systems Technology (MST) developed an ideal solution for anytime a lightweight, noncombustible product would be advantageous.

COMFIRE®: Made To Fit Your Existing Doors

MST has developed an N30 Retrofit Kit specifically for the US Naval market. The Retrofit Kit is based on the successfully tested MIL-STD-3020 N-30 door and meets US Navy requirements for high-impact, medium-weight shock as well as hydrostatic tests. Each Retrofit Kit is customized for your needs and installed by a qualified Jered Service Technician.


  • Panel systems for cabins, galleys, stairwells, and lift shafts applications
  • Public area cladding and furniture
  • Li-ion battery charging and storage systems


  • Oxygen Index: ISO 4589-2
  • Temperature Index: ISO 4589-3
  • Smoke Index: NES 711
  • Toxicity Index: NES 713
  • Non-Combustibility: BS 476 part 4
  • ISO 1182-1990 (E): test for the determination of the combustibility performance –IMO Resolution
  • MSC.61(67): Smoke & Toxicity Test


  • NonCombustible Standard
  • Acoustic Barrier
  • Glass-Reinforced
  • B15/B30
  • A60/H60/N30
  • State of Matter Patent


Lithium-Ion Battery Lockers
The Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Locker was designed to house and store a variety of Lithium-ion aircraft batteries of various types, sizes, and shapes. Two tests were conducted for this qualification: 75 minutes at an average of 80 kW heat flux, and a further extreme “overtest” for 8 minutes at an average of 207 kW heat flux.

The system exceeded expectations at 80 kW and again at 207 kW, which is greater than 250% above the average heat flux the Li-ion battery can generate under “heat excursion” conditions. The temperature in the other adjacent compartments reached only 19.5°C (67°F) at the highest point during the first test. The second “overtest” again revealed excellent thermal properties with the maximum temperature of 33°C (91°F) recorded in adjacent compartments – some 82°C (180°F) below the test acceptance criteria.

The outside of the cabinet was cool to the touch during testing and the system remained fully functional post-test.